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Academic CreditsAs college and university students prepare to study abroad, they often seek an opportunity to receive academic credit for their course work abroad. Students are eligible to receive academic transfer credit through an accredited U.S. college for an additional fee.

We can offer our students 3 ways of obtaining credit for courses taken with us:

1) From your own college by having our courses pre-approved by your

2) Credit by registering with Seattle Central Community College and as such
     credits are normally easily approved and transferred between US Colleges.
     Visit the Travel/Language Study page for more information.

3) Credit from West Coast University of Panama

Students are normally eligible to earn academic credits while studying abroad. Credit for any courses taken with El Paraiso School can usually be counted towards your degree, or towards graduation requirements.

Two important factors influence whether you will receive academic credit:
• Approval of courses by your home institution
• Your academic performance while abroad

The assessment of the courses you take and the quality of your performance are handled by your home College/University through a process called Transfer Credit. This process involves you working closely with your study abroad advisor or faculty on campus early in your study abroad planning all the way through to your return from your program.  

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Some of our teachers are a member of "ACTFL", AmericanCouncil on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

Courses available for Credit - 2009 Prices

  • SPAN 111 Elementary
  • SPAN 101 Beginner I
  • SPAN 102 Beginner II
  • SPAN 201 Intermediate I
  • SPAN 202 Intermediate II
  • SPAN 351 F1 Survey of Latin American Literature
  • SPAN 352 F2 Survey of Spanish Literature
Course duration is normally 3-4 weeks (60-80 hours) of private class, depending on the requirements of your institution.

For Costa Rica prices, please go to our Spanish program

Arrow For Panama prices, please go to our Spanish Program

How to Obtain Transfer Credit

All schools have procedures in place for pre-approving study abroad programs and transfer credit. If you are unsure where to start, here is a guide to ensure a smooth process.

College Check List/Typical Timeline:
Typical Timeline What yoou need to do
+ 4 months Approach your academic advisor from your College/University. Express and interest in Studying abroad.
+ 2-3 months Pre approval has been granted
+ 2 months Enrol with Seattle Community College
(if needed), pay their course fees
+ 1 month Pay the $100US deposit directly El Paraiso School
Start Date Arrive at El Paraiso School - and have a great experience!
  Complete any coursework/assignments etc related to your credits
- 1-3 months Official transcript will be sent to you and your institution, you will receive your transfer credit

Get Your Courses Pre-Approved
 We highly recommend getting your courses pre-approved by your home campus with plenty of time prior to departing on your program. Meet with your academic or study abroad advisor on campus to obtain written approval stating that the courses you select will transfer credits back to your school. To help you with this course descriptions and syllabus are available from us. Take these to to your advisor to help them with course evaluation. Make sure when working with your home advisor that you determine whether the credits earned will count towards graduation credit, elective credit, or major or minor credit so there is no misunderstanding.
Written approval is obtained by using an Advisor Approval Form, which which is normally supplied by your school.

Get Your Transcript Upon Completing Your Program
The amount of credit awarded is under the discretion of your advisor at your home university or college. We always recommend that you obtain approval from their academic advisor prior to departure for the courses in which you plan to enrol.

In order to receive credit for your study abroad program, you must have a transcript sent to the registrar at your home campus. Students that have successfully completed their study abroad program will be issued an official transcript by our institution. These transcripts are directly sent to your College/University. This normally takes about two to three months

Remember the key is to start with plenty of time, to meet with your academic or study abroad advisor, and to get the courses pre approved.

Academic Credit

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